Patching Recap

Monthly Patching Recap April 2021

The trend of critical vulnerabilities in network border devices continued in April with new patches for everything from Microsoft Exchange to VPN gateways.

At the end of each month, we take a look at our patch data to give an overview on the most important security patches that were released during the last 30 days. In April we tracked 186 patches in total.

Below is an overview of the affected software categories:

April saw the continuation of a trend that started to gain traction last year: serious vulnerabilities in network border devices that are quickly exploited by multiple attacker groups.

First, Microsoft issued a fresh round of Exchange patches as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday. All four patches fix remote code execution vulnerabilities, however, the prerequisites for exploitation are a bit more difficult than for the Exchange bugs of March which lead to wide-scale exploitation campaigns. Here are the four advisories:

The second-biggest story in April concerned once again Pulse Secure VPN appliances. On April 20 IT security firm FireEye warned about an ongoing campaign targeting Pulse Secure VPN gateways with a zero-day exploit. One week after this warning Pulse Secure released a patch for the four underlying vulnerabilities. The most critical one of the vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-22893, gives an attacker straight-up remote code execution. For an exposed network device like a VPN appliance this is as bad as it gets.

But Pulse Secure is not the only vendor who needed to fix a serious vulnerability in important network gear. F5 released once again a critical patch for its BIG-IP product, this time fixing an authentication bypass vulnerability that can lead to local administrative access on the device.

And Cisco also had to fix issues in multiple products:

Finally, developers should make sure they applied the following new security patches for WordPress, Drupal and Node.js:

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